Top 10 Least Popular ICO Industries of 2017

October 14, 2017

ICOs have attracted a lot of attention over the past few months, so much so that various countries are looking to regulate it. The sector as a whole has been hugely successful with investors and developers alike. However, there are some types of projects which are not popular these days without a reason. Below are the top 10 ICO industries which have been least interesting throughout 2017.

10. CONTENT MANAGEMENT. This industry accounts for 0.4%, it is about 9.5 million dollars, of all ICO funds raised during 2017.

9. REAL ESTATE.  Some projects have tried their hand at this form of fundraising, but this particular sector only raised 9.085 million dollars throughout 2017. That was lower than expectations, and it is doubtful real estate and ICO will mix better in the future.

8. COMMUNICATIONS. When it comes to decentralized communication, raising money for a new platform through an ICO is very difficult. This fact is proved by the numbers: the result of the communications sector is only 8.815 million dollars.

7. DRUGS AND HEALTHCARE. Although the healthcare industry can benefit from blockchain and decentralized technologies, very few ICOs pay attention to this sector at the moment. It accounts 8.31 million dollars.

6. ENTERTAINMENT.  Another sector not getting much love from the ICO industry is the entertainment sector. Nevertheless, some teams managed to raise a combined 8.07 million dollars.  

5. SOCIAL NETWORKS.  Many people will be surprised by the fact that there have been little to no ICO efforts related to social networks throughout 2017. Total market of the social networks sector is 5.625 million dollars.

4. DATA ANALYTICS. On paper there's no point in raising ICO funds for data analytics. It explains why only 2.037 million dollars were accounted in 2017.

3. ENERGY AND UTILITIES. The energy and utilities sector has got under 2 million dollars, that is pretty disappointing.

2. SUPPLY AND LOGISTICS. In 2017 only 851295 dollars were raised in the supply and logistics sector.

1. GOVERNANCE. Decentralization is changing of the governance rules. With that in mind, it is highly surprising that very few ICOs have worked in this sphere throughout this year.  In fact, the governance ICO sector has raised only 258645 dollars. It is a shocking fact, but it shows that most projects have tended to focus on the same old sectors this year.


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