Chinese Researchers Create Blockchain Project Assessment Index

May 16, 2018

The China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) has presented its monthly global index for assessing public networks, a rating for cryptocurrencies and other blockchain projects with technological advantages, as the country’s government sees them.

CCID is a part to the Ministry of Industry and IT of China responsible for regulation and development of technologies in the region as well as promotion of economic competence in the government.

Here are the 28 cryptocurrencies for the index: Ark, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BitShares, ByteCoin, Cardano, Dash, Decred, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Hcash, IOTA, Komodo, Lisk, Litecoin, Monero, NANO, NEM, NEO, QTUM , Ripple, Siacoin, Steem, Stellar, Stratis, Verge, Waves and Zcash.

The statement by CCID said, the index is created to “scientifically evaluate the development level” of such technologies. This must help to provide professional consulting for the government, enterprises, scientific research institutes and developers.

The researchers used a number of criteria while picking up blockchain projects for the index with the following ones among them:

  1. A project must have its own independent blockchain
  2. Nodes can be created freely
  3. It must have a block explorer for simple block data tracing
  4. It must be open source
  5. It must have available website to provide developers room to communicate.

As it has been announced earlier this week, China’s government began elaborating national standards for blockchain technology. Last month NAPRP published an article to say it considered using blockchain for better governmental auditing.

These news show noticeable relaxation of China towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies since September last year when the country’s central bank declared total ban on ICO.


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