Bitcoin Bitcoin

145 811 898 558 

8 208.46 

145 811 898 558 8 208.46  1.61 %
Ethereum Ethereum

25 827 966 397 


25 827 966 397 242.46  0.74 %
Ripple Ripple

16 535 383 696 


16 535 383 696 0.3891  4.92 %
Litecoin Litecoin

7 553 873 454 


7 553 873 454 121.33  0.79 %
Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash ABC

6 870 438 056 


6 870 438 056 385.06  0.54 %

Totalcoin — A website about cryptocurrency

Totalcoin is not just a website about cryptocurrency. It is a cryptocurrency ecosystem and your guide in the world of blockchain and virtual currencies.

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Cryptocurrency is the gold of the 21st century and the future of the whole economy. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published an article called "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System", that launched a revolution in the economy. 10 years later we seek to make a revolution in cooperation with that very bitcoin.