11 May

Blockchain INDO 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia

What interesting

Blockchain INDO Conference:

how blockchain will change Indonesia's digital economy

Volume of Indonesia’s digital economy will reach about $130 billion by 2020, which will make this country one of the leaders in digital development among the countries of South-East Asia. This was stated by the authorities of the country just last week. New technologies, blockchain and transformation of the IT-sector will play an important role in this process. From this perspecrive, the Blockchain INDO conference in Jakarta, which will be held on 11th -12th May in Kempinski Hotel, becomes even more relevant. 

Apart from the usual Cryptocurrency players, this international event will bring together players in digital business, IT Startups, Internet application Developers, digital Marketers and companies with a FINTECH base to create new networks and expand already existing ones. 

40 speakers from different parts of the world – USA, Germany, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, China and other countries, will tell the participants about their international experience in blockchain technologies. Among the prominent speakers who have confirmed their presensce are Gebhard Scherrer (co-founder of DATUM), Ville Oehman (investment funds registered with the monetary authority of Singapore), Matthew J. Martin (Director General blossom of Finance), Robert Ryu (the Korean company crypto-Fund) and Dr Zaharuddin A. R (Malaysia Shariah ICO), Matthew Joseph Martin (CEO of Blossom Finance).

In three years, 8 million representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia will use digital technologies, although at the moment it is used only by 9%. 

In a couple of years it is planned to create 1000 young  IT-companies, with a total value of more than $10 billion. To achieve this rate, around 200 new startups must be launched every year. By the way, one of the first Indonesian startups, Go-Jek, is now estimated at $1.3 billion.

We will pay special attention to startups at the Blockchain INDO conference, don’t miss presentations of ICO-projects. "As a rule, founders present interesting ideas based on blockchain technology from the field of FINTECH or IT. There are a lot of promising projects! And thanks to such events, the teams have an opportunity to find investors and get support. Investment and venture funds will be able to notice them, this is the perfect opportunity", - says Nikolay Volosenkov, the organizer of the conference Blockchain INDO.

In addition, soon the Internet in Indonesia will be installed in 187 remote settlements across the country. According to some forecasts, Indonesia will have about 100,000 bitcoin users in the next 6 months.

According to Abas A Jalil CEO of Amanah Capital Group Limited, a financial expert in South East Asian market who will present his report at the conference, “South East Asian, mainly Indonesian, markets have huge potential for Blockchain and fintech sectors, especially in Islamic Finance and Digital Business. This conference will be an opening venue for further progress in these new technologies in South East Asia, especially for Indonesia itself”

This conference-exhibition is expected to be one of the biggest Blockchain and Fintech conferences in Indonesia this year.  

Tickets to the conference can be purchased at the conference’s website https://cryptoeventindo.com/  or via ADEI’s payment system which will provide convenience for Indonesian participants to pay in Rupiah.


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17 May

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague

10:00-17:00 , Czechia

Hotel Ambassador Zlatá Husa

Václavské nám. 840/5, 110 00 Praha-Nové Město, Czechia

What interesting

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague: the main blockchain event of the Czech Republic is here again.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague, the fourth annual event dedicated to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO, will be held on May 17. This is one of the largest platforms in Europe for the exchange of experience and search for potential partners.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague is an event organized by the Smile-Expo company, which created a network of blockchain events in 20 countries around the world. The organizers intend to exceed last year's success: experts from IBM, PwC and other companies known in the crypto community will be among the speakers. Guests will hear presentations:

On blockchain and its impact on business and the economy

Rene Bostic from IBM will analyze cases of blockchain application in business and tell you the key points of the process. The blockchain developer from the American IT company CA Technologies Alexandru Popa will tell about the impact of blockchain on user identification systems. 

The head of consulting company VOX ICO Consulting Stefano Virgilli will clearly explain the blockchain basics. Representative of the European Organization for Nuclear Research Manuel Martin Marquez will talk on the acceleration of scientific progress after blockchain was introduced.

On ICO and cryptocurrencies

Guenther Dobrauz, partner in PwC Legal Switzerland, will explain how affordable investments in ICO will be in the future and whether token sale will replace venture capital. The co-founder of GRAFT Blockchain, Dan Itkis, will explain how to make the integration of crypto payments ubiquitous.  

Co-founder of the blockchain platform Crowdgolding Alex Bozhinov will explain how power, politics and finance transformed the ICO. The co-founder of ICO accelerator Iconiq Lab Sandris Murins will talk on how to create a token and what is needed for this.

Exhibition area

In addition to the conference, an exhibition area will be available to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague guests. Companies representing the blockchain industry will demonstrate their achievements here:

  • • hardware and software for mining;
  • • blockchain developments;
  • • trading, marketing and technological services.


The event will be held in the fashionable Hotel Ambassador Zlatá Husa, which is located in the historical center of the Czech capital. Guests will enjoy diving not only in the world of cryptocurrencies, but also in the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful European cities. Address: Václavské náměstí 840/5, 110 00, Prague 1.  

Registration, the full program and news of the event >>> https://goo.gl/iik85y  

25 May

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland

, Finland

Scandic Park Helsinki


What interesting

Legislative Regulation of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Important Issue Will be Discussed at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland

On 25 May Smile-Expo organizes the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Finland, a large-scale event dedicated to cryptocurrency and ICO. 

Why Finland?

Finland is at the forefront of technological innovations. Government officials keep staying neutral to the cryptocurrency sphere regulations. The country does not have special strict rules for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies usage. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation in Finland, and around the world will become one of the main topics of the conference.

What to know about the conference?

Apart from cryptocurrency regulation, top experts from all over the world will discuss cryptocurrency trade and investments, distributed ledger technology integration into business process, blockchain-based solutions development and global problems of technological influence on the society.

Among the invited speakers there are experts from such companies as RefToken and BlockTrade Investments. Also, the conference will feature blockchain entrepreneur from First Global Credit and the head of Blockchain Innovation.

The conference will include the exhibition area where 20 companies will present their projects and innovative developments. CoinTraffic, crypto advertising network, is one of the exhibition participants and the badge sponsor of the conference. 


The conference is organized by the international company Smile-Expo. The company has been working in the event organization industry for 12 years, successfully holding conferences in countries all over the world. 

Follow the news of the event and the program updates on the official website of  Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland. .

Link to the official website with details: https://goo.gl/TD7pDu

29 May

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia

10 AM- 6 PM Sydney, Australia

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

14 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

What interesting

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia Will Bring Top Experts Together

On 29 May, Sydney will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia, large event dedicated to cryptocurrency and ICO. 

  • Topics:

Invited speakers will discuss Australian and world cryptocurrency legal regulations, state digital economy development, and new blockchain solutions tools. Experts will also discuss the ways blockchain is applied in business processes, and ICO launch.

  • Speakers

Rupert Colchester, the head of Blockchain and Practice Leader at IBM Australia and New Zealand, will explain what makes a great blockchain for business. The main topic of his speech will be «Blockchain for business networks - unplugging the hype», in which he will talk about the blockchain implementation into business operations.

Ilyas Vali, a co-founder of rLoop, will deliver a presentation with the topic «The Power of Crowdsource Engineering, starting with the Hyperloop». The speaker will explain how blockchain-based decentralized engineering can contribute to innovations.

Anthem Hayek Blanchard, CEO at Hercules SEZC, will also present at the conference. The main topic of his speech will be «Gold, cryptocurrency and the Blockchain». The speaker is an experienced expert in the sphere as he is specialising in simplifying the use of gold and other physical fungible goods a currency through the blockchain technology. 

  • Other conference highlights:

The conference program will also include a panel discussion. It will be focused on latest trends in Blockchain 2018-2019, where top experts from Arcona Digital Land and BlockTrade Investments will share ideas.

There will also be a pitch session, where presented companies will have a possibility to talk about their projects and innovations. Exhibition area will give a space for cryptocurrency equipment and new technologies demonstration.

  • Organizer

The conference is organized by the international company Smile-Expo. In the framework of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences, the company has been bringing top experts together since 2014. Smile-Expo’s blockchain conferences have already visited 16 countries.

More information and registration are available on the website

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