You can earn money by promoting our services to your audience. We have several marketing tools. Please register as a marketing partner in your region to receive all necessary materials (banners, links and widgets).

Affiliate program terms:

  • daily payouts to your Totalcoin wallet
  • comissions will be paid over a one-year period from the affiliate user's registration
  • comissions will be based on the income a new user brings (transaction fees)
  • misleading advertising is forbidden and can cause the cancellation of your affiliate program
  • spamming (including sending messages to users without subscription) is forbidden
  • hidden iframes are forbidden
  • only direct links to Totalcoin webpages and products are allowed

Totalcoin reserves the right to disable any affiliate program at any given time in case of breach of the terms.

Affiliate remuneration example:

You refer a user who buys 0.1 BTC and exchanges it for ETH: you receive 30% of 0.01 BTC escrow (0.003 BTC) and 30% of 0.2% exchange fee (0.0000006 BTC). 0.00300006 BTC in total.

You will receive remuneration only for completed deals. Payouts will be paid on a daily basis.