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Mobile cryptocurrency wallet Totalcoin

Totalcoin app is a cryptocurrency wallet for your smartphone with day-and-night technical support. In this wallet you can store not only Bitcoin, but also other popular cryptocurrencies.

The main feature of this Bitcoin wallet is the possibility to buy and sell Bitcoin at competitive exchange rates or to exchange it for other supported cryptocurrencies, you probably will not find this in other wallets.

It is an undoubted leader among similar wallets in the cryptocurrency industry.

Main features of the wallet

Buy/sell cryptocurrency

How to buy or sell cryptocurrency profitably and safely?
It is simple with Totalcoin.

Totalcoin is a combination of a cryptocurrency trading platform and safe multi-cryptocurrency wallet.

We connect cryptocurrency buyers and sellers, by offering competitive exchange rates, convenience and protection to both parties of a deal.

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Get/send cryptocurrency

Totalcoin is not only the app for buying and selling cryptocurrency, it is also an ideal solution for storing it.

We do not charge fees for transactions within our system, allow to transfer cryptocurrency by a phone number, and simplify the interaction with the cryptocurrency world to the level of mobile banking, creating the best place for the cryptocurrency community.

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Exchange cryptocurrency

No more gray exchanges and sophisticated interface of hundreds of exchanging platforms.

Totalcoin allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, for example Bitcoin for Ethereum, and vice versa. It is as simple, as sending cryptocurrency to your friend by a phone number

Transactions are processed as quickly as possible and at best prices.

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Easy to store cryptocurrency

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